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Integrated Accounting

Billing processes within the Import and Export applications can be integrated with ASCI's Accounting programs to help you manage several important areas of your business: income, expense and customer relations. These programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of the international trade industry, and include extensive reporting capabilities to help you monitor your company's financial status.

Accounting Flow ChartWith Accounts Receivable, you produce timely statements and open invoices reports to track your receivables, including credit limits for your customers. Our Accounts Payable programs allow you to pre-pay vendors and link that payment to the entry file. When you create an invoice for the entry, the charge appears automatically. Within both applications, you can print various management and history reports that show you who your best customers and vendors are, identify sales trends, and help improve your profitability.

You can further increase the power and versatility of your software package by integrating it with other accounting applications, such as General Ledger and Bank Reconciliation.


Additional Options Accounts Receivable Functions Accounts Payable Functions
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • General Ledger
  • Quickbooks Integration: Already use your own accounting software? ASCI of Miami offers integration with QuickBooks.

  • Track cash receipts for import or export invoices
  • Run Sales History reports to track revenues and expenses on all of your import/export operations
  • Inquiry programs provide instant access to customer information
  • Generate statements directly to e-mail or save as PDF
  • Use A/R Reports to plan your company's cash flow
  • Pending Charges feature ensures your outlays are covered at the time of billing
  • Enter purchases not related to import or export transactions
  • Inquiry programs provide instant access to vendor accounts
  • Generate and print checks in a few easy steps
  • Use our A/P reports to plan your company's expenses
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