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E-Manifest (ACE)

US Customs mandates the filing of electronic truck manifests via ACE along the northern and southern US borders. With E-Manifest, carriers (or brokers acting on behalf of carriers) must submit carrier, crew, conveyance and equipment information to ACE in advance of reaching the border.

ASCI has developed an easy-to-use e-Manifest program that allows you to enter that information quickly and effectively. We verify your data before transmitting it to ACE to ensure its accuracy. Our helpful features enable you to predefine fields, copy information from similar shipments, and fill out required information with the click of a button. With the ASCI program, transmission is more expedient and accurate than manually keying in data to the ACE portal. Best of all, e-Manifest is integrated with our Import programs to give brokers more control over their shipments.

We offer additional options such as flexible data integration with existing ERP systems to expedite data entry and ensure accuracy. Call us for more information!


E-Manifest Functions Reports Processed
  • Handle all your ACE processing with accuracy and better controls
  • Conveyance, Crew and Equipment files speed up data entry and ensure your information is up-to-date
  • Default values, Look-up, and Copy From features
  • Send Manifest information to ACE
  • Create unassociated shipments
  • Interface with Import/ABI to release border shipments quickly
  • Equipment Description Codes
  • Conveyance Type Codes
  • Crew List
  • US Customs Notifications
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