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Import & ABI Procedures

Our Import & ABI Procedures system was designed to handle the processing of all Customs forms and meet the changing requirements of import compliance. Our Quick Entry program allows you to enter all the required information for your shipments in one step. Our system then performs thorough validations of your entry before you send it to ABI, eliminating errors that would result in penalties for your company.

In addition to the standard Import & ABI functions, we offer a number of optional programs to handle specialized transactions, such as Flowers or Textiles. With our time-saving features and simple data entry process, entries will be released quickly and effectively.


Additional Options Import & ABI Functions Forms Processed
  • Log Book Maintenance, Traces and Reports
  • Default values, Look-up, and Copy From features
  • Duties, Taxes and Fees automatically calculated, as well as special rates for NAFTA, GSP, & CBI
  • Tariff Book Index to help you identify the correct code for your products
  • Billing integrated with Accounting programs
  • E-Mail Notification when information is received from ABI
  • E-mailing of Forms (PDF)
  • Pre-transmission data verification
  • PGA Processing
  • Immediate Delivery (CF-3461)
  • Entry Summary (CF-7501)
  • Alt Immediate Delivery
  • Delivery Order
  • Transportation Entry (CF-7512)
  • Delivery Ticket (CF-6043)
  • Invoices
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