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Software Solutions

ASCI of Miami has developed our software applications with the specific needs of the International Trade Industry in mind. We offer customized solutions for importers, brokers, freight forwarders, NVOCCs, carriers, and more.

Each of our products includes our time-saving features as well as continuous upgrades and reliable customer support to help you stay up-to-date with technology and changing trade regulations. We also offer specialized applications for companies with more specific needs. Check our major categories, listed below, for information about our different product lines.


Standard ASCI Features
  • Inquiry Windows: Access your data files as you process your entries or shipments. View lists of available codes, such as customers, carriers, countries, etc or search through the data file by code or by name.
  • Default values, Look-up, and Copy From features
  • Help Screens: Every field has a help screen defining what needs to be entered and why
  • Maintenance: Update your data files as you process your entries or shipments, without having to exit the program
  • Currency Conversion: Process your entries in the original currency and our program will translate the amount into US Dollars
  • Code Validation: Every time you enter a code, such as country, port, or location, our program verifies that it is valid
  • Tariff Book Index: Our special Tariff Index allows you to search through the Harmonized Tariff file by subject
  • Form options: E-mailing of Forms or PDF creation, all forms can be printed on blank paper using a laser printer
  • On-line documentation & Help Desk Assistance
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