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Web Tracking

Our ASCI Link Web Tracking program allows you to provide your clients with on-line access to the status of their shipments, Customs Forms, Invoices, and other related documents. Once your clients log in to your company website, they can select from a number of available look-ups that give them access to their updated shipment information. They will also be able to print or download their ASCI-generated forms in pdf format. ASCI Tracking also allows you to upload additional documents such as scanned commercial invoices to make them available online.

The ASCI Link - Web Procedures package is very flexible and easy to install. You can customize the design of your web pages for different companies, and even maintain separate domain names. Best of all, you control access to the information by assigning passwords to different users for each of your clients, and then individually defining permissions for specific look-ups. Please visit our ASCI Link Demo to get a feel for how the web pages produced by ASCI Link operate.

Keep in mind that the demo displays the information in a static manner, without performing the normal processes and checks that would occur in an actual installation.


Additional Options ASCI Link Benefits Requirements
  • ISF Data Entry: Customers can fill out ISF information on your website that feeds into the ASCI ISF application.
  • Related Documents: Upload commercial invoices, photos, or other files
  • Increase efficiency by posting shipment updates directly on your website for customer access
  • Customizable interface allows you to tailor the look of your tracking system to your company website
  • Upload forms and related information to provide access to your customers about their shipments

ASCI Link requires the  installation of an in-house web server and a company website.

If you don't  already have one, we can host your web-site,  and even design your  company web page for uou.

See our Internet Division  for more information.

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