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Foreign Trade Zone (E-214)

Our Foreign Trade Zone Procedures is designed to automate the processing and reporting of the FTZ e-214 form. Our Foreign Trade Zone Entry program allows you to enter the specific information required for the e-214 and keeps track of the status designation of your entry, whether it be Privileged, Non- Privileged, Zone Restricted or Domestic.

The information will be transmitted via the Automated Broker Interface (ABI) as now required by CBP. Our software runs a series of internal edits to ensure that the data you enter is accurate before you transmit it to ABI, and gives specific instructions on any needed corrections.

This application is also part of our FTZ Distribution package.


FTZ Functions Related Options
  • Meets data filing requirements for both CBP and the US Census Bureau via ABI
  • Log Book Interface: The information entered
    becomes part of the Log Book file, allowing you to keep track of your FTZ entries.
  • Harmonized Tariff File: Use your Import Tariff file to define the line items you are entering.
  • Data Entry Features: Our detailed Help Screens and Inquiry Windows will ensure that you enter the information as required by CBP.
  • Save time and improve accuracy. Data validation before transmission to ABI for error-free processing
FTZ Distribution
Automated In-Bonds
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