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Automated In-Bonds

The Automated In-Bond Procedures application was designed to facilitate the creation and electronic transmission of the QP/WP and QX/WX Applications to Customs. Our program allows you to electronically prepare and transmit the following types of In-Bond Movements:

- Immediate Transportation (I.T.) - Entry Class 61
- Transportation and Exportation (T&E) - Entry Class 62
- Immediate Exportation (I.E.) - Entry Class 63

The Automated In-Bond Procedures are fully integrated with our Import & ABI Procedures. However, they can run independently as a stand-alone application.

There are two types of automated In-Bond applications: QP/WP is for Ocean/Truck/Rail and is transmitted via ACE. QX/WX is for air In and is currently transmitted via ACS. Both applications allow you to create the In-Bond movement, as well as Arrive, Export and Transfer Liability. Our system will validate the data before transmission to ensure accuracy.


Additional Options/Integrations In-Bond Functions
FTZ Distribution
  • Create In-Bond
  • Arrive In-Bond
  • Export In-Bond
  • Transfer of Liability
  • Customs Notifications
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