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Duty Drawbacks

The Drawback Procedures program was designed to facilitate the process of claiming drawbacks based on Import Designations, Certificates of Manufacture and/or NAFTA Claims to Canada for refunds of duties. It requires you to enter a minimum of data, then automatically totals the duty to be refunded and identifies errors that Customs would detect, so as to avoid rejection of your drawback transmission.

With our Drawback programs, you can be sure that your drawback claim is accurate. Best of all, the programs are fully integrated with Import & ABI Procedures, saving even more time by using existing data to process your claims. These programs can also run independently as a stand-alone application, allowing you to import the data from text files that come from another source.

Additional Options Drawbacks Functions Reports Processed
  • Uses manual data entry or import data from another source to generate a Drawback claim.
  • Prepares all necessary reports and worksheets for the processing of a Drawback claim.
  • Verifies data before transmission to ABI
  • OGA Processing (FWS, FDA, FCC, DOT)
  • Download existing information from other systems
  • Certificate of Delivery Form
  • Notice of Intent Form
  • Coding Sheet
  • Chronological Summary of Exports
  • Designation and Calculation Worksheet
  • 7551, 7552 & 7553 Forms
  • Drawback Claim traces
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