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Warehouse Distribution

Our Warehouse Distribution application was designed as an inventory and compliance solution for Bonded Warehouses. It combines the functions of the Import Procedures, Export Procedures, and Warehouse Procedures applications to provide you with an efficient system to keep track of your warehouse inventory. From importing the goods, to maintaining warehouse inventory, to then exporting or transferring those goods, the programs in Warehouse Distribution allow you to process all the forms required for the movement of the merchandise. It also keeps track of your inventory using the FIFO method and tracks each product as it enters and then leaves your warehouse.



Warehouse Distribution Functions Scanner Option
  • Enter Type 21 or 22 entries in Import Procedures and have the program create a 7501 automatically and transfer the information to Warehouse Procedures
  • Use default values, Look-up, and Copy From features to simplify data entry
  • Create DO's, 7512's and Shipping Instructions in Export Procedures to pull merchandise. The system maintains inventory updated at each step of the way
  • Use special Delivery Order program to export directly from your warehouse
  • Generate bar-coded labels
  • Print picking list, packing list and shipping labels
  • Print reports to help you reconcile balances, such as Activity Report, Depletion Report, Inventory Report and many more

Our Warehouse programs can be integrated with with Motorola/Symbol Scanner technology. This allows you to upload inventory information and create Warehouse Receipts via a wireless hand-held device. Simply scan and transmit; your warehouse will be updated automatically.

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