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Flower Procedures

Our Flowers Procedures application is fully integrated with Import & ABI Procedures. It was designed to facilitate the processing of entries for the Flower Industry by eliminating the need to classify each invoice line to create the 7501. This program will only require you to enter the farm code, flower codes and quantity. It will then automatically generate the 7501 by classifying and grouping items by tariff number.

Our Ascertained Antidumping Duty application is also available as a supplement to Flower Procedures. This is a special program that calculates refunds or amounts owed for Antidumping Duties that were already paid, based on the ascertained rates provided by the Department of Commerce.


  Flower Procedures Functions Forms Processed
  • Computes entry value based on the flower price
  • Applies most beneficial duty rate (i.e. NAFTA or GSP)
  • Calculates anti-dumping or countervailing amounts when applicable
  • Produces flower worksheet to present to customs with 7501
  • Default values, Look-up, and Copy From features
  • Update or query ABI files
  • E-mailing of Forms
  • ABI programs verify data before sending 3461 & 7501 to Customs
  • Flower Worksheet
  • Duty Report
  • Flower and Farm Definitions Report
  • Immediate Delivery (CF-3461)
  • Entry Summary (CF-7501)
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